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We asked these great illustrators some questions about their work and creative process.
Read interview with Leo Antolini

Leo Antolini

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 29 years ago. After a brief detour to study character design and animation at the Academy of Art University in San…

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Read interview with Brynn Metheney

Brynn Metheney

I was raised in the High Desert of California, sort of out near Mojave. Growing up in such an undeveloped area really gave me lots of time to focus on…

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Read interview with Steven Hughes

Steven Hughes

Hi, I'm Steve, a freelance illustrator and displaced Ohioan living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Recently, I graduated form Kent State University…

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View the profile of Rich Fairhead
Rich Fairhead

Rich lives in the crowded town of London and likes to draw with his pens everyday.

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View the profile of Rich Fairhead
View the profile of Rich Fairhead